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Cyber Security

It’s becoming increasingly important to ensure security within your infrastructure as cyber crime rises daily and attackers use more advanced tools. Not only that but critical vulnerabilities and bugs such as Heartbleed and Shellshock can leave your systems wide open to attack.

We believe that security is a top priority and our trained staff are ready to give yourpeace of mind.

Vulnerability Assessment

Using our sophisticated vulnerability detection software suite, we can provide a infrastructure-wide scan and produce a tailored assessment report. We test for weak security setups, default configurations, poor passwords and vulnerabilities in code. No exploitation occurs during these tests.

Penetration Testing

The most active and percise way to identify security risks is to perform a penetration test. Following the industry standard framework, we thoroughly test every aspect of the scope agreeed upon, inlcuding websites, software applications, login portals, firewalls, and computers. The tests encompass, data gathering, code review, vulnerability explotation, pivioting, and social engineering.

Upon completion a full report and debrief is presented to you.

Security Policy Review

Training staff with best practices for security is the most effective way to prevent cyber attacks and security breaches. We can review any security policy your company may have in place to keep it valid within the current security climate. If there is no policy in place we are happy to work with you to custom build a policy that best fits your needs.

Digital Forensics

Today personal computers are so ubiquitous that the collection and use of digital evidence has become a common part of many criminal and civil investigations. Network and hardware forensics may be carried out to discover obfuscated or deleted evidence using the latest software and hardware tools.

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