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On Site Support

Wysdom onsite response service can provide the support your organization is looking for. Our breadth of technical expertise will help your organization be more effective and respond faster to common IT issues without the need to add additional staff and overheads.

Remote Support

Enjoy the security of having a virtual computer help-desk at your fingertips. Your computer can be fixed in real-time at your convenience at anytime day or night.  Follow along as our Technician troubleshoots your problem, or leave the problem for us to resolve as you go about your business.

Platform Independance

Unlike many providers we are completely hardware and software independent. Covering Microsoft, Apple, Linux and BSD platforms, Wysdom can supply, install and manage all of your systems. We are also one of the few support companies who support retired systems that you may be required to maintain for financial or regulatory reasons. We support all hardware manufactures including IoT (Internet of Things) hardware.

Cloud Computing
Flexiblity, Security, Scalability Anywhere

From reducing your costs to knowing your data is secure 24/7, cloud computing can do so much for your business. From email and file access to all applications and security, your entire IT infrastructure or part of it can be hosted in the cloud.

Specialising, but not limited to, Citrix XenServer, Wysdom can provide core visualization hardware and sub-systems to support the simplest to most complex configurations. Even single in-house servers can benefit from visualization as a method to remove the hardware layer from installations, allowing much simpler backup and hardware replacement.

Cloud computing, often referred to as simply “the cloud,” is the delivery of on-demand computing resources—everything from applications to data centers—over the Internet on a pay-for-use basis.

  • Scale up or down quickly and easily to meet demands.
  • Metered service so you only pay for what you use.
  • All the IT resources you need with self-service access.

Often the first move to the cloud for most customers is the move to a hosted / self hosted messaging system. A move to Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 or Google mail can streamline the messaging needs for most organizations without a large outlay and with minimal downtime. As a core element of most companies, communications email is a obvious first move to the Cloud.

Data Recovery / Destruction
Hard Disk, Solid State Disk, RAID, NAS, Flash/USB Keys, Optical Disks or Tapes

We, along with the help of Disklabs, have many years experience recovering data from damaged hard disks or any other media. Our success rate is upwards of 95% of all the media that have been sent to us. We do NOT charge for the initial assessment unlike most other data recovery companies so you only pay for the recovery after you have evaluated the recovery costs.


Conceived to maintain care, custody and control of client data, we can deliver high volume hard drive sanitization without removing drives from client premises. Wysdom’s extensive experience in data erasure solutions allows the company to deploy state of the art technology for complex and diverse erasure scenarios involving multiple vendors and storage protocols.

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